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Urban Resolutions is a local firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. We strive to be among leading firms in providing a variety of services to the Urban Professional who may just be starting their career, relocating to our area or just looking for better opportunities or guidance.

Our Employment, Career, Financial and Nutritional/Diet Strategists provide a well-rounded experience and information center.

Our Employment Strategist can find the right career for you.

Contract, Direct Hire or Consulting. Post your resume and search positions on our interactive job board.

Our Certified Career Strategist Looking for leadership coaching programs on career planning for your organization? Additionally they can review and update your resume with current experience to enhance your skills,making you marketable and provide suggestions on career growth.

Our Financial Strategist  can give you incite to local and national market trends, investment opportunities and solutions,along with quotes on Life, Health and Long Term Care. Take advantage of the monthly newsletter.

Our Nutritional/Diet Strategist is comprised of Licensed Dieticians and Nutritionists who can advise you what to purchase and eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve a specific health related goal. Follow their blog.

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