Urban Resolutions

Urban Resolutions LLC 2013

Quickly establishing Urban Resolutions as the premier hub  for all Urban professionals to gather information:  Employment , Career, Financial and Nutrition/Diet Strategies.

A Unique Site For The Urban Professional

Our Mission
Urban Resolutions' mission is to be a leader in online services.  We have the ability to optimize human potential and maximize the engagement of our affiliates by providing superior solutions:
* Be the trusted advisor to Urban Professionals in our market, providing  employment opportunities, career-long counseling, financial services, nutritional services and additional value added services.
* Be the Partner of choice for our clients, meeting their evolving local and national needs.

Our Values
Urban Resolutions' values are the foundation of the firm's culture:
* Integrity.  To operate ethically, honestly and in the best interest of our clients, associates and affiliates.
* Quality.  Our team is known for their professionalism, reliability, responsiveness and expertise.
* Collaboration.  We believe the best information is "shared" information.  Our service is best utilized if shared between our candidates, clients, affiliates and internal firm members.  Success is dependent on our ability to work together and that shared success leads to positive resolutions for each of us.

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Financial Strategies

Corporate out placing, Resume critiquing and design.  

Career Strategies

Up to date positions  on  interactive job board  and post your resume.

Employment  Strategies

Professional Services  include:

Financial Service Career Link Employment

Nutritional Strategies

Wellness information and Blog


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